Things of Shelly

I'm a writer in the Santa Cruz mountains with a cat and two big dogs. My novel THE MOMENT OF EVERYTHING is forthcoming from Grand Central Publishing in 2014.

Look who’s in the window at @booksinc in Mountain View. #themomentofeverything

Well this is why I can’t sleep. What’s your excuse?

Big pile of books from my publisher today!!! #themomentofeverything
Our barn cat Xena says, “Aren’t you done with that scene yet?”
Found a receipt from Copeland’s from 1985 in this very odd book. Apparently this was a series of horrible things that happened on different days of the week for this rabbi.

Snoring #swissy. #greaterswissmountaindog #schuurhounds

Best smelling planters ever!

This makes me happy. #schuurcats

Our three barn cats. Caesar, Loki, and Xena. It’s amazing how attached to one another they are! #schuurcats #projectpurr
Time for a beauty treatment.