Things of Shelly

I'm a writer in the Santa Cruz mountains with a cat and two big dogs. My novel THE MOMENT OF EVERYTHING is forthcoming from Grand Central Publishing in 2014.

Superheroes of data: Why my main character wanted to grow up to be a librarian - Shelly King

Hanging out.
Just sprained my ankle! Laid up for a few days so no excuse not to write. Another upside, my pedicure from two weeks ago still looking good !
How I’m spending my rainy day. #schuurhounds
Bear, my brother’s dog, is excited to finally get to read #themomentofeverything. #dogapproved
Grendel is getting ready for #bannedbooksweek!
Thank you Folio Books! #themomentofeverything
Look who’s in the window at @booksinc in Mountain View. #themomentofeverything

Well this is why I can’t sleep. What’s your excuse?

Big pile of books from my publisher today!!! #themomentofeverything